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A facility to create or modify coupled designs, e.g. where two or more separately manufactured frames may be joined together to form a single unit.

What are the Benefits?
The Salesperson
  • Can quickly modify a design to suit customer requirements (subject to manufacturing limitations).
  • Impresses customers by instantly quoting coupled design prices.

The Fabricator
  • Can easily create and manufacture coupled sales lines.
  • You can drag and drop a Coupler feature in a design to split an sales line into two or more frames.
  • You can couple designs:
    • Horizontally
    • Vertically
  • The program can:
    • Automatically modify frame sizes
  • You can change Mullions or Transoms into Couplers and vice-versa.
  • You can generate a separate Assembly List for each frame.
Coupler Feature

Software: You need Windowmaker Express or higher.
Data: Coupling, Profiles etc.