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XML Format for Glass Orders Link Size
Windowmaker provides the facility to export glazing details in XML (eXtensible Markup Language). Glazing.dtd * 5Kb
*To Download:
  1. Right click on the above link. (Left click if your mouse button is configured as Left-handed).
  2. Specify 'Save Target As.' if using Internet Explorer, or 'Save Link As.' if using Netscape.
  3. Specify File name as "glazing.dtd" and Save it on to your local disk.
XML File Generation
The file structure is defined in a 'Document Type Definition' file called glazing.dtd.
  • Download the glazing.dtd file and save it in the Data directory.
  • Run the process Glass | Export XML.
  • The name of the XML File generated has Format bbbbbbnn.XML
    'bbbbbb' is the batch number.
    'nn' is a serial number starting at 00.
    This number is used when multiple files are produced for the same batch.
  • View the generated wm00.xml file in your Internet browser.
  • You can now interface the output file with other systems and transfer glazing requirements to a glass supplier electronically.

Some of the fields output in the XML file, are explained below:

XML Windowmaker
ItemDescription The full description of the unit as printed on Glass Usage reports.
ItemReference Reference of the sales line in the format Sales Order/ Sales Line/ Frame/ Pane.
GlazingDetails Number of leaves. Any value from 1 to 4.
ShapeAuthority The authority responsible for the shape codes i.e., 'Windowmaker'.
LeafThickness Thickness of the leaf used from the glazing record.
LeafThicknessUnits Units in 'Metric' or 'Imperial'.
LeafDetailType Whether the leaf is Patterned, Processed or Coloured.
LeafMarginEdge Whether the edge is Top, Bottom, Left or Right