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Launch Windowmaker On Demand

Windowmaker OnDemand is a unique solution, delivering instant access to your complete Windowmaker system at anytime, from anywhere.

Up until now, managing your software - from creating quotes, to order entry, to production & reporting - could be complex, even on a single site. When running multiple sites, or supporting sales staff, resellers or installers, the problems could be become more complex.

Typical problems include:

  • High IT costs through support and maintenance, with software to install, update and look after on every machine.
  • Data integrity problems, due to multiple sites needing to replicate or exchange information with Head Office.
  • Complex administration of what internal or external users need access. Windowmaker OnDemand provides a complete solution, creating a single access point that virtually any device can access. Totally customised to your requirements, Windowmaker OnDemand could change the way you run your business. Examples of how it can be implemented include:
  • Providing full access to Windowseller for resellers and installers, with no loss of functionality, with easy order transfer into your system.
  • Allowing sales staff to access Windowmaker, with all their usual options and features, from any internet-enabled PC.
  • Flexible access across the company, for staff using Windowmaker just for reporting or specific tasks.

Windowmaker OnDemand uses the latest technology to deliver a unique solution that changes the way you run your business - reduced IT administration, instant access to Windowmaker from any networked or internet-enabled PC and full functionality, rather than a limited feature website.

For more information on this innovative solution, Click here to download a brochure, or Contact Us for a free demonstration.