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A facility to store components used in an sales line as a B.O.M. record in the Windowmaker database.

What are the Benefits?
The Fabricator
  • Gains the ability to store various type of B.O.M details in the database.
  • Gains the flexibility to create, e.g., periodic component usage reports for sales orders, or costing analysis reports using Crystal Reports.
  • The program offers a choice for storing various types of B.O.M. details in the Windowmaker database.
  • You can specify 'All Components', to store details for each component used in:
    • Design sales lines, or
    • Non-design sales lines, viz. stocked Standard sales line, Glass sales line and Product sales line.
  • You can specify to selectively store design sales line details for:
    • Statistics
    • Costing/Costhead
    • Costing/Costhead with Statistic
  • You can specify the Sales Order status for storing/updating and deleting the details.
  • You can generate customised reports using the stored details in the database.
  • Sales Order Status can be specified as the condition for the storage of the B.O.M. details of Pricing Extras parts in the Windowmaker database.

You need Windowmaker SQL.