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A facility to add user-defined fields in the Windowmaker database, to allow input and storage of additional information.

What are the Benefits?
The Fabricator
  • Gains the flexibility to input additional information via a program interface based on user-defined fields.
  • Gains the ability to store user-defined information e.g., Architect details, Building owner's address, etc. for each sales order, sales line or customer.
  • You can add user-defined fields in the Customers, Sales Orders and sales lines database tables, to enable input of required user data via Windowmaker.
  • You can also input and store additional information for parts.
  • The program stores the additional information in the corresponding database tables.
  • The program allows output of this information in Customer Documents and Delivery Note.
  • You can display a user-defined data field on Sales Order/Sales Quote notebook.


This facility is not available for duplicate sales lines.


You need Windowmaker SQL.