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Windowmaker can be configured with 3 different types of Client, designed for specific job roles within the organisation. This can help customise your Windowmaker solution, and ensure each user has the specific features available to them that they need with additional complexity.

Standard Client

The Standard Client can include all Windowmaker Options and features, running locally on the local network or remotely when using Windowmaker OnDemand..

For a full list of Windowmaker Options, please Click here.

Sales Client

The Sales Client from Windowmaker makes it easy for remote and internal sales staff. From order entry to mobile workers, the Windowmaker Sales Client gives you the features you need, and access when you want it, enabling remote staff to access Windowmaker out on the road, while easily sending and receiving updates from the main Windowmaker system.

Meanwhile, internal staff benefit from a role-based client specific to their requirements.

Dedicated Sales Clients are available for Windowmaker Express and Windowmaker SQL (Windowmaker ERP customers using the SQL version).

For more information on the Windowmaker Sales Clients, Click here.

Tracking Client

Windowmaker Tracking enables you to track work in progress throughout the production process, while automating Works Instructions for each station.

With the Tracking Client, dedicated Tracking Stations can be used. These provide detailed, graphical works instructions for each process, and improves efficiency by allowing the automatic calculation of what sales orders should be processed at which station by the your own definition - priority, capacity, etc.

Tracking Clients are designed to be simple to use, and are restricted by the supervisor as to the processes that can be performed, and can be run locally on the network, remotely when using Windowmaker OnDemand and with standard Microsoft Windows PCs or with Thin Clients.

For more information on the Tracking Option within Windowmaker, Click here.