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Windowmaker Measure

Smartphones and tablets provide hardware platforms that are highly suited to use by salespersons or surveyors: light, hi-res, inbuilt cameras, internet connectivity and the power to run significant apps. Windowmaker Measure is an app for surveyors that can run on such Android devices. It leverages the capabilities of these devices and provides an easy and fast way for surveying the customer site.

Windowmaker Measure allows survey measurements to be associated with digital photos. The annotated photos can be sent to a selected email address.


  • Replaces the use of paper-based survey forms.
  • Makes the survey process easier and quicker.
  • Captures much more and accurate survey details.
  • Dramatically shortens the time required to transfer survey details to head office.
Key Features

  • Allows a salesperson or surveyor to capture photos and text or voice annotations for each ‘hole in the wall’.
  • Automatically calculates dimensions of the windows/doors when the photos are captured. The calculated dimensions are accurate enough for sales purposes (e.g. estimating) – without having to actually measure each, some of which could be in awkward positions difficult to measure.
  • Alternatively, allows input of dimensions.
  • Allows transferring details by email for processing manually.

Version 2.0 – Releasing Soon

Want to try the Beta app now? – Register here

  • App available now for Apple iPhone/iPad devices
  • New measurement approaches
    • Distance
    • Brick count
    • Popular sizes
  • Enhancements to measurement approaches
    • Reference objects - Support of A3 and tabloid objects
    • Input – Support for recording up to 3 widths, 3 heights and 2 diagonals
  • Frame sizes calculated from rough openings
  • Perimeter and area calculations
  • Four aditional languages (Total 11 languages)
    • Italian
    • Chinese
    • Persian
    • Croatian
  • Tutorial and improved online help
Windowmaker Measure

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Coming versions will include support for:

  • Bluetooth laser rangefinders
  • 3D depth cameras
  • Shapes
  • Selecting window/door designs
  • Pricing
  • Other home improvement products
  • Integration with Windowmaker
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Windowmaker Measure is developed by Windowmaker Software Ltd who has over 30 years’ experience developing and supplying software for window estimating and manufacture. The app is based on that experience. We would welcome suggestions on improvements that we can make in future versions. Please write to Please click here to fill in a form to be kept updated on the changes to Windowmaker Measure.