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Partnership with AIESEC

Windowmaker’s partnership with AIESEC is a win-win situation. The partnership gives Windowmaker access to top talents that can further develop our business, whilst the interns have an opportunity to put theory into practice in a global environment. This is what ex-interns have to say about their experience of the internship in Windowmaker:

Aurelie Chabot - Management Intern from France

"My name is Aurelie, I’m a french student and my internship in Windowmaker was part of my master in International Business. I have to say the experience was really rewarding from a personal and professional point of view, and I will never forget it. As a Sales and Support team member, I had to deal with potential and existing customers, working along with colleagues from India, the UK and Canada. I developed my communication and marketing skills, as well as my intercultural awareness. I definitely think that what I lived here will help me in my future career and that’s why I can recommend you to do the same.

Besides, what a good opportunity to discover India! A fascinating country that is so different from what we are used to. Coming with AIESEC, you will benefit from social support to help you adapt to the new environment, in the beginning, and throughout your stay here. You will easily meet other trainees in Baroda, travel with them during the weekends, and probably live with some of them. I always say that as long as you meet good people to surround you, you can be happy anywhere: Baroda was no exception. Be open-minded, and you’ll be ready for the challenge!"

Joy Xu - Management Intern from China

"Hi, I am Joy Xu from China. I have just had an internship with Windowmaker Software Ltd in Baroda, India. This is my first internship experience ever. It was very fruitful. The stay in India is a piece of memory that I’ll keep forever. My title was Sales Support Intern and my main job was to contact our Chinese partner and customers, this job description was related to my major in university and what I am interested in doing in the future, and I really acquired a lot of professional knowledge through this experience. The colleagues here are really nice, we had a good time together and they helped me a lot regarding living in India.

And most importantly, to have an internship abroad, especially in India is so cool and exciting. Thanks to AIESEC, besides working, I also went travelling a lot and met other trainees from more than 10 countries. The diversity of different cultures really astonished me. And I really had a good time with the friends here.

From my perspective, with the globalization trend, there’s no doubt that a “global view” is needed for those who want to succeed in the 21st century. And an overseas experience, especially an internship, is definitely one of the best ways to acquire the “global view”. I’ll miss Baroda and India.

Xu Xiao (Roy) - Management Intern from China

"Two months ago, when I first stepped into the office of Windowmaker, I never expected that I would have such a fruitful and joyful internship experience! For the first time, I was in a completely English-speaking business environment (mixed with random Hindi and Gujarati). The pressure of thinking and expressing in English was the best catalyst for learning English. I was exposed to the Indian business style with (local) Indian culture as the backdrop. Similar to some Chinese, some Indian people are not that punctual. We used to joke that when an Indian tells you that he’s coming in 15 minutes, it means 2 hours, at least. In laughter, I begin to think about the shared characteristics of Indian and Chinese. We can see each other as mirrors, the clearer we know each other, the better we know ourselves.

I also got to interact with interns from other nations on a daily basis. So the sales support team was an ‘international’ team: Erinc, a good soldier from Turkey; Nadir, an energetic and funny guy from Algeria; Wenda, a hard-working girl from Mauritius and, of course, our manager Pratap, a local. Now that I’m leaving, it feels like I just came yesterday! As an old Chinese saying goes, no party lasts forever; however, the memory of this party I had in Windowmaker of India will stay with me life-long…"

Yassine Htiwech - Management Intern from Tunis

"Hello everybody, I`m Yassine from Tunis. I’m preparing my theses to get my master in Marketing and international business. When I received the invitation from Windowmaker, I would never expect that it will be as amazing as it is. I told to myself: “Ok, I will go there just to improve my English, prepare my theses and come back.” I was expecting the worst, how surprised I was when I arrived here. Very kind co-workers are always here to help you and make you comfortable. I live with awesome flatmates who are my friends now and forever, magic places which I only could see on TV and in my dreams (Udaipur, Himalaya, Andaman Islands…) Baroda is a safe city, it is perfect for working and study, our house is situated in a nice place close to everything. Also, it`s one of the biggest AIESEC exchange in India (more than 100 interns!).

In my case I know more than 50 boys and girls from all over the world, we always travel together, go to the restaurants and do other activities… so don`t worry you will never be alone. If you want to improve your English, get international experience and travel cheap this internship is for you.

Christian Lucas - Technical Intern from Germany

"Namaste! I am Christian from Germany and did a technical internship with Windowmaker. Having just finished my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science I wanted to gain some intercultural experience by working in India. For a long time it was my biggest wish to go to India, a country that can challenge you in many aspects of your stay, but at the same time opens you a door to a colorful world of happy and hospital people, amazing nature and diverse culture - always along with some "Indian magic". The big benefit of staying with AIESEC at Windowmaker: You live in one of the safest cities in India, together with various international internship colleagues from work who support each other greatly by everyone's experience.

An As a technical intern I had been supposed to work on the main product itself by contributing to the software development. Instead, I was growing into the task of administrating parts of the office's IT infrastructure, so that I was responsible for the Systems Administration for some weeks or to migrate the company's customer relation system - an important piece of software that the Sales and Customer Support teams rely on with their daily work. Being responsible on my own and working often independently I was surely able to broaden my work horizon.

As with the country you should be open-minded to experience and discover new things when working as well as travelling in India. Then, it will be a benefit for life!

Wei (Lavie) - Technical Intern from China

" It was not my first visit abroad, but it was the first time I missed my country. I took some time to adapt to the climate and food and fell sick. I was so depressed that I wanted to return immediately. However, Pratap, my manager was patient and understanding. And Sunita, the big boss, told me never make decisions when you are sick or depressed. I hung on and gradually realized that a job is like a relationship too – you have to give it time. Once I got well, I enjoyed the stint. So much so that I felt two months was too short.

Life beyond Windowmaker was also a great learning experience. Sharing a house with people from different countries, cooking assorted meals of various cultures, dancing and chatting with whoever you want on Saturday night’s party, or planning a trip from the most sunny beach in South India to the splendid Himalayas in the North with the lowest budget ever – those experiences are hardly likely to occur again! They are treasures. Stepping on the plane for my return journey, I whisper to myself, India, I’ll be back!”

Houcem Mezhoudi - Software Support Department Intern from Algeria

"India is not what I was thinking, I have found it an amazing place to have an experience in, a different and wonderful culture and people to spend time with. The challenging work enriches my knowledge every single day. Working in India made a huge difference in my life”




Aleksandra Kurzeja - Software Support Department Intern from Poland

"I will never forget my first day in India – 9th of April 2011. I was scared and excited at the same time. First days weren’t exactly a bed of roses but after some time I started to treat Baroda as my second home. I got my master’s degree in Mechanical\Production Engineering (with IT management systems specialization) a couple of months before the internship so it was actually my first professional experience. As an intern, I was part of the Customer Support Team. Calls to international customers, project management in real life, developing communication and IT skills and much, much more… And that too in India!! That was something!!! But that’s just one side of the internship. The whole year was an amazing multi-cultural experience! With a big group of interns in Baroda, you will never get bored. Discovering India with friends makes it much more intense.

After my internship, I got another amazing opportunity. Windowmaker offered me half year contract in their branch office in Toronto. I’ve spent 6 months in Canada, where I had a chance to work with NA customers and get to know this market better. Travelling in Canada is not cheap but still, I could see some part of this beautiful country.

Isabella Kokonaki - Finance Department Intern from Greece

"It wasn’t an easy decision but I am glad I have taken it. India is an amazing country with very nice and friendly people. Windowmaker Software gives me the professional experience I was looking for and India gives me unforgettable moments every single day. I count already 6 months here and I will stay until April."




Lurii Borsuk - Sales Support Intern from Ukraine

"My name is Iurii, I am 22 and I am from Ukraine.
Right now I am doing my Management internship in Windowmaker Software Ltd., in India. We have around 7 to 8 interns in our company. My reason to come to India for one year was to combine travelling and getting experience. After almost five months I have spent here, I am fully satisfied with my time over here. People in and out of the office are very friendly and really open to all, especially foreigners. Living conditions are different than in Ukraine, but enough for a comfortable life."



Erhan Sire - Sales Support Intern from Turkey

"It hasn’t been a long time since I came here and I didn’t even realize that. Baroda is a small but nice city, where I can see some parts of Turkey sometimes. I am trying to travel and make some plans to visit nice parts of India. I am working in a warm team and this makes everything easier. Co-workers are really friendly and helpful. I am sure I will get excellent experiences from my job and my trips around India."