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We are committed to keeping our products up-to-date with technology and evolving with customer requirements and feedback

Windowmaker 2022 R1.2

This release contains minor improvements and fixes to some issues.

Windowmaker 2022 R1.1

This release contains minor improvements and fixes to some issues.

Windowmaker 2022 R1

Frame and Sash Joins

All the Join settings are now on System -> Joins page, along with new choices, making join configuration much easier.

  • A new set of choices is now available for Frame Corner Joins. This is especially useful for wood systems.
  • The Frame joins around Sashes can now default to Mitred joins for Steel systems.
  • Default Sash Corner Join settings are now available. This is particularly useful for sliders with slim interlocks.
  • Overriding Frame Joins for Steel and Aluminium systems now offers more choices. This gives greater flexibility to achieve the desired joins in designs.
  • The following cases are now handled more efficiently and correctly:
    • Asymmetric Frame Transom/Mullion around Sashes.
    • Profiles with a different inside and outside finish.

Advanced Data Management Tools

Data set-up and maintenance is now made easier and more efficient:

  • All the selected Product Types are now exported to a single spreadsheet.
  • Each Product Type is now exported to a separate page.
  • Part Filter criteria Options and Answers now include Long Descriptions.
  • Parts can now be made Inactive through the spreadsheet.

Bar Optimisation

Windowmaker now also considers cost of head position change during optimisation. This will be considered along with the other costs for optimisation. When the cost of head position change is comparatively high, pieces of the same size are grouped together.

Windowmaker 2022

Tracking – Quality checks

Tracking users can now eliminate the use of paper in Quality Control. Quality checklists can be set-up at each Tracking Station. Items can be marked as ‘Pass’/’Fail’ directly on the screen.

Frame Joins

Steel window manufacturers now have greater flexibility in choosing the type of joins. This enables them to cater to a wider range of designs.

Data Set-up & Maintenance

Data setup and maintenance can now be simplified through the new ‘Advanced Data Management Tools’. This is aimed at ‘Expert’ users and those setting up or customising their own data.

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Windowmaker 2021 R2.3

Windows 11 & Windows Server 2022

Windowmaker now supports running on these operating systems.

Regression Test

Testing data correctness has been made easy. Use this facility whenever you incorporate data changes, upgrade your program version or use a new license file.

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Windowmaker 2021 R2.2


Select from only valid glazing records based on criteria like Width/Height, Security Glazing, Glazing Thickness, etc. Search, sort and/or filter glazing records based on U-value, db value, etc.

Order Entry

Resize/Minimise the Sales Line and Sales Header notebooks to work side-by-side with other applications, especially on wide screens. Improve your efficiency.

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Windowmaker 2021 R2.1

Sales Line - Weight

Store Sales Line Weights in the Windowmaker database and get them displayed in the Sales Line list. This also improves the performance of reports which require Sales Line Weight.

Performance Improvements

Benefit from the improved performance of the Frame Production process. Store BOM only for the required Costheads to further improve the performance of the program, especially reports.

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Windowmaker 2021 R2

Performance Improvements

Performance in many areas like Order Entry and other sales related activities, Update Status, Schedule Orders, Generate Reports, etc. has been improved. This reduces the turnaround time and increases throughput.

User Interface

You can resize Cost/Part Matrices and Parts Header dialogs to simultaneously work in different applications. This is especially useful on wide screens to create/edit matrices with an Excel Workbook and Windowmaker docked side-by-side.

Security Glazing

You can now specify Weight for Unglazed Glass as well as mark it as Safety Glazing.

Windowmaker 2021 R1.2

This release contains minor improvements and fixes to some issues.

Windowmaker 2021 R1.1

Security Glazing

You can now enforce Safety Glazing in Security Area.

Windowmaker 2021 R1

Delivery Notes

You can now generate a compact ‘Delivery Notes’ report by excluding the graphics, and thereby saving paper. You may optionally include System and Glazing information.

Reports – Preview, Export, Email

Windowmaker now uses ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ instead of Crystal Reports’ default PDF generator to Preview, Email, and Export reports or Save copy to History. This eliminates the possibility of distorted images in reports.

Production Scheduling

You can now schedule Orders ignoring production batch capacity.

Windowmaker 2021

Windowmaker 2021

Year 2020 has been tough and challenging due to the pandemic. To erase the bad memories of 2020 and to ring in a better, healthier, and prosperous New Year, we have named this version Windowmaker 2021.

Customer Special Terms

It is now possible to disallow Systems, Option Answers, Glazing and Parts for specified Order Type and customer(s). This is useful e.g. to limit choices available to Dealers.

Windowmaker 2020 R1.1

User Rights

You can now control previewing and emailing reports through User Rights. This enables these activities to also be recorded in History for management purposes.

Fixed Length Parts

It is now possible to calculate profile/reinforcement parts of fixed length, e.g. glazing support wedges, brackets for transom/mullion joins in curtain walls, etc. Such parts are included in the optimised cutting instructions and stock management, thereby reducing wastage and increasing efficiency.

Windowmaker 2020 R1


The new dashboards display key statistics for each department.

This will:

  • Assist management decision-making with real time, easy to understand data
  • Motivate staff making key metrics readily available

History information of sales quote/order is now more accessible and easily visible in list views.

This will:

  • Empower staff with all the latest information regarding every quote and order
  • Improve accountability for all actions taken by the fabricator and their customer
  • Reduce staff workload and increase productivity
  • Go paperless by attaching hand-written documents
Part Images on Reports

Reports can now show profile cross-section/fittings images. This helps in easily identifying correct parts e.g. by operators at the shop floor to pick profiles from racks.

Windowmaker 2020


A state-of-the-art solution for dealers to estimate and send professional quotations to customers. Make dealers more efficient and productive, and dramatically expand your sales.


New reports that make your day-to-day business operations smoother.


The new Stock Check facility makes stock reconciliation task simpler.

Windowmaker 2018 R3.12

Windowmaker 2018 R3.9

Options defaults per user

You can now set Options/Answers as default/auto/hidden for different users like Sales, Dealer etc. to make order entry simpler and faster.

Quote Pricing

When overriding quote price with a negotiated price, it is now optional to apply resulting discount to Pricing Extras. (e.g. Installation and other service charges)

Entrance Doors

Windowmaker now handles Entrance Doors with numerous cut-outs with various sizes & shapes.

Windowmaker 2018 R3.7

Windows Server 2019

Windowmaker is now supported to run on Windows Server 2019 operating system.

Pricing Extras

It is now possible to recalculate Price and Disc. % of Pricing Extras independently. This helps e.g. to recalculate the Price but retain a previously negotiated Discount.

Customer Special Terms

For a Customer you can specify Options' defaults. These take precedence when creating a Sales Quote for that Customer. This could be very useful for Trade customers, dealers and builders. Specifying defaults means quicker quote entry and less chances of inadvertent errors.

Windowmaker 2018 R3.5 SP1

Windload Calculations

It is now possible to set-up more than one Wind Pressure type Option. This might be required, to use different options say for managing uPVC and aluminium systems.

Quote/Order Reports

The program now allows to automatically email designated report(s) when the status of a Quote/Order is progressed.

Windowmaker 2018 R3.2

Link to QuickBooks

Windowmaker can now synchronize with QuickBooks installed on a different computer connected through a LAN.

Survey and Installation Scheduling

The program allows to set-up 999 teams for Survey & Installation.

Windowmaker 2018 R3


The program now allows to automatically print relevant reports when an order is progressed to a specified status.

System - Features

The program now helps you further filtering out designs that are not possible with a system and changes with an appropriate design available instead

Export/Import Updates

Export/Import Updates are now available for systems, sub-systems and Part matrices

Windowmaker 2018 R2.3

Stock Control

Track the status of your purchases with a new ‘Purchase Order Status’ report.

Special Terms

Edit Discount % or Total Nett value of Base price (excluding extras) directly from Special Terms dialog.

Cost Matrices

Updating the Cost Matrices using CSV files is now made more flexible.

Windowmaker 2018 R2.2


Improvements while creating sales quotes/orders; accessing customers list; generating reports and scheduling orders


Support to Code39 barcode format added

Crystal Reports

Windowmaker products to withdraw support for several deprecated User Defined Functions in near future

Windowmaker 2018 R2.1


Recalculating the prices with each revision much easier now!


Aesthetic changes made to the standard Windowmaker reports to make them more user-friendly

Setting Favorites - Entrance Doors

Set frequently used Door Styles, Door Slabs and Glass inserts as Favorites, making it quick to spot and select for order entry

Windowmaker 2018 R2


Costheads set-up now shows many more columns. Columns can be removed or added from the Column Chooser.

Products: Active/Inactive

Windowmaker now allows to set products as Inactive. This makes data maintenance easier and order entry faster

Link to Saw

Windowmaker now links to Kaban HB2010 double mitre saw

Windowmaker 2018 R1

This release involved major issues fixed.

Windowmaker 2018


Maintenance of Glazing records and options made a lot easier

Design Summary

The report now includes Plan graphics for bays, system & glazing descriptions, and specified option answers

Delivery Scheduling & Tracking

Deliveries now show Sales Lines categorized into “In Despatch” and “Not In Despatch”, making it easier to move them to separate Deliveries

Windowmaker 2012 R5.3

Windows Server 2016 for Windowmaker

Windowmaker now supported to run on Windows Server 2016 operating system

Glazing: Set-up

The program now allows to set-up Process (Spacer) for sealed units


Windowmaker now shows property location, reference, room, quantity, size, system and description as a tooltip on mouse-over on Elevations tab

Link to Working Centre

Windowmaker can now link to Murat SC 220-40 Working Centre

Windowmaker 2012 R5.2

Commercial Contracts II

It is now possible to progress Phased Orders in Stages. Each stage can be independently manufactured, delivered and/or installed

Excel-based Rules

Calculate BOM through rules written in Microsoft Excel.

Bar Optimisation III

Windowmaker now allows variable bar length optimisation even if scheduling options are not available.

Crystal Reports

The software now allows to include/exclude Multiline Text in Customer Documents (Quotation, Order Acknowledgement and Invoice) and Production Document

Windowmaker 2012 R5.1 SP1

NFRC Labels

A standard NFRC Labels report is now available. It generates a label for each frame, in a production batch, that is NFRC certified

Pricing - Extras

Pricing Extras categories have been increased from 3 to 10.


A report is now available to export details of a Sales Order that needs to be surveyed, to a CSV file.

Link to Welder

The program can now link to URBAN AKS1805 welder.