Production | Windowmaker Software


Once Sales Orders have been batched/scheduled for production, Windowmaker has a range of features to maximise your efficiency:

  • Create optimum production sequences
  • Use Sub-batching to improve production output
  • Use Pairing and Material Optimisation with Reusable Offcuts to minimise waste
  • Calculate machining requirements


With the orders passed through into Production, Windowmaker can provide a variety of Works Instructions, including:

  • Machine Links, to a variety of saws, working centres, welders and glass cutting tables
  • Reports and Profile Labels, which can be fully customised to your requirements including text and graphics


Windowmaker offers a variety of glass work instructions to monitor the processes right from cutting to installation. With a range of reports, ensure that you make the whole process hassle-free and quick!:

  • A facility to optimise glass yield by automatically organising the cutting sequence of pieces
  • Link to a variety of glass cutting tables
  • Fully customizable Glass Labels & Reports


Use barcode technology to keep a track of products progressed as on the manufacturing floor. Allocate tracking clients:

  • to capture the data regarding the progress of frames, sashes and glass through the factory with statistics on standard and actual performance
  • to procure clear and comprehensive work instructions including prioritized lists for station operator and
  • to generate reports including comprehensive management information with labour performance & problem statistics

Production Options:

Sub-Batching Tracking Bar Optimisation and Reusable Offcuts Profile & Sash Labels
Remakes Optimaker Machinery Links