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Products / Features Windowmaker on Cloud Windowmaker Express Windowmaker SQL
Typical Business Medium fabricator Medium fabricator Large fabricator
Number of Users Unlimited Max. 10 Unlimited
Technology See Windowmaker Technical Requirements
Options Many Many Full range
Multi-site Production Not available Not available Available
Customisation Extensive Extensive Extensive
Links to other software Can include external links Can include external links Can include external links

Windowmaker SQL

Windowmaker SQL is a complete production software for medium and large manufacturers, capable of adapting to your business needs. Based on the leading Windowmaker configurator, Windowmaker SQL uses cutting edge technology to deliver a responsive and high-performance database. It is also backed by a full range of standard features and additional options in order to drive more sales and reduce costs.

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Windowmaker Express

Windowmaker Express is the entry level system for small and medium fabricators, providing a full integrated production system. Built around the leading Windowmaker configurator, Windowmaker Express uses leading technology to provide excellent performance and reliability, while the huge range of options allows configuring a system tailored to your requirements.

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Windowmaker Options

In addition to the standard product Windowmaker Software (Lite, Express, SQL), there is a wide range of additional options that can be added to the core system to increase and enhance the features and capability of the software. Use our Options Guide to know the possibilities. Explore, choose and package the options that are right for your business.

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Windowmaker Measure

Windowmaker Measure is an App for surveyors and sales people that can run on smartphones and tablets. It allows survey measurements to be associated with digital photos. The annotated photos can be sent to a selected email address.

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Windowmaker on Cloud

Intuitive interface, powerful configurator.

Our software has evolved alongwith changing technologies and business needs.

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