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Windowmaker Lite

The basic solution for any manufacturer

Windowmaker Lite is designed with a beginner’s approach in mind and is aimed at providing a quick start to design and produce windows/doors. The software, however, includes much of the powerful functionality available in the larger products, such as grid wizards, the powerful and flexible Product Configurator and hundreds of standard design templates. Aiming for a feasible solution, our development team ensures that only realistic designs get created.

With Windowmaker Lite, you can produce professional and stunning graphical sales quotes with scaled images and specification details. Maximize returns on your investments by impressing your prospects. Bolt-on Windowmaker Options to experience the ease of manufacturing with a range of dynamic options.

Product/ Features Lite Express
Typical Business Small manufacturer Medium manufacturers
Maximum number of users 1 Upto 10
Technology Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server
Options Limited Many
Customization Limited
(if open modules ordered)
Links to other software NA Can include external links